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Construction Image
Flyvids offers construction progress aerial photography packages for construction sites. We capture aerial images that you need to monitor your jobsite. We never charge extra to deliver full resolution files, so you can zoom in close to see what is happening.

The use of aerial filming and imagery allows you to keep a close eye on things, and have an independent record of each step taken over the life of the project.

Flyvids can offer you a complete view of your construction site. See quickly what is actually happening, and communicate to other members of your team!

Wave Dissipation System

This is a video by flyvids that demonstrates The Wave Displacement System by SI Systems, LLC.



Flyvids aerial filming and photography services are great survey tools that Engineering firms can benefit from. Locally, we have many beach homes and commercial properties that are in danger of beach erosion and displacement of sand. Even golf courses can greatly benefit from aerial photography. During a recent filming of a project designed by Deron […]